9/25/16 “Trumpets of Judgment” – Rev. 8 – CD#1615


The opening of the 7th Seal in Rev. 8 brings forth the 7 Trumpet judgments, then the 7th Trumpet, will bring the 7 Bowl judgments. These judgments occur consecutively & not simultaneously. They happen like dominoes or fireworks falling. And the Wrath of the Lamb is not complete until the last bowl is poured out upon this Christ-rejecting world.                                               As we read of the devastation that will occur at this time, we are reminded that God is fair. “Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!” (Rev.15:3) When the whole truth has been revealed, we will all declare that God was just & true. Whenever you come to something you don’t understand, fall back on what you do understand. I know that God is love. I know that God is true and His judgments are right.

918/16 “The Property of Jesus” – Rev. 7 – CD#1614


The elder of Revelation 7:13 identifies the great multitude as “the ones who come out of the great tribulation.” I believe the greatest period of revival that the world has ever known will take place immediately after the Rapture.

There will be so many people who have been out on the fringes, those who have heard the gospel but who haven’t responded to it by committing their lives to Jesus Christ. Their loved ones who have been witnessing to them for a long time will suddenly disappear. I believe this will bring many to their knees, crying out to Jesus for salvation.   Pastor  Chuck  Smith

Sept. 11, 2016 – “The Martyrs and God’s Wrath” -Rev.6:9-17


We admire the faithful witnesses from Foxes Book of Martyrs … or future martyrs (Rev.6:9). But today they would be called a nuisance, or a narrow-minded legalist, or worse.  Yet imagine if in those ages past, Polycarp, Lawrence, Wickliff,  Zwingle, and their peers had said, “The world is lost in sin; but if we try to set it right we shall only disgrace ourselves.  Let us sleep on it, and maybe when we wake up things will be better.”  Such action would have brought upon you and I a legacy of curses.  Age after age would have gone down into the pit, and many errors would have swallowed all of us.  But these men and women loved God’s Word and Jesus too much to see them trampled upon.

Today it is much as it was in the Reformer’s days.  Decision is needed. Where is the witness for today?  We who have had the gospel passed down to us by the martyr’s hands should not take it lightly, nor sit by and hear it denied by traitors who pretend to love it, but actually hate every line of the gospel. If Jesus does not come soon, there will come another generation, and another, and all these generations will be tainted and injured if Christians today are not faithful to Christ and to His Truth.

9/4/16 “The Wrath of The Lamb” – Rev.6 – CD#1612


The wrath of the Lamb just doesn’t sound right does it? (Rev. 6) We don’t associate wrath with lambs. Lambs are very mild little animals. You will never see a sign that says; “Beware of vicious lambs!”         However, Jesus is the Lamb of God who gave His life as a sacrifice for our sins because of the evil in the world.  The thing that brings Jesus’ wrath down upon earth is the effect that Satan and sin bring upon mankind.  And seeing the suffering and destruction brought upon His creation as a result of sin brings The Wrath of The Lamb.

Aug.28,2016 – “Worship The Lamb” -Rev. 5 – CD#1611


There will be a new song in heaven that we will sing. It is called the Song of the Redeemed (Rev.5) It will be sung by the church; the Bride of Christ. It will not be a song from Israel. But it will be sung by those from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation.”           Israel will still be on the earth, and God will be dealing with them during the Great Tribulation. The Bride of Christ, which is the Christian Church, will be in heaven, singing praises to her Bridegroom. And God will have made us kings and priests to our God, and we will reign on the earth with Him during the Millennium.

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Aug.21,2016-“Heaven’s Open Door” – Rev.4 – cd#1610


When the Apostle John was “Raptured” up to heaven’s open door he saw four angels who were praising God day and night. They were joined in praise by the 24 elders. And they praised God for His holiness (Holy, Holy, Holy), His power (Lord God Almighty), and His omnipresence (Who was & is & is to come). They offered up honor and thanks, proclaiming His worthiness and attested that He is the creator of all things and that everything exists by His will.      Christians should get used to praising God, and enjoy worship here on earth. Worship will be our main activity in heaven.

Aug.14,2016 – “Be Zealous or Lukewarm” – Rev.3:14-22 – CD#1609

The Church at Laodicea thought they were rich and had need of nothing. But Jesus saw them very differently. From His perspective they were “wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.” He said: “…be zealous and repent.”It is not really important what I think of myself. But it is very important what Jesus Christ thinks of me. We must see ourselves through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. That’s why David prayed, “Search me, O God, and know my heart, try me, and know my thoughts, and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”