James 4 – “Victory In Jesus” – 11/29/15 – CD#1579

james 4

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN to know that through His death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ defeated the powers of darkness. In this spiritual battle, Jesus is the victor. Satan is only exercising usurped authority. He doesn’t have any real rights. His power was taken from him when Jesus triumphed over sin and death at the cross, and His resurrection from the dead.  Although Satan continues to hang on stubbornly, we can come against him, and have victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.

If we are submitted to God first, we can then resist Satan, and he has to run from us. The Enemy of our souls has to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ.   (James 4) 

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James 3 “Wisdom From Above”- Nov.22,2015 – CD#1578


GOD’S WISDOM FROM ABOVE WILL ENABLE teachers of the Bible to stand under a stricter judgment.  His heavenly wisdom will strengthen you and I to tame the destructive power of a tongue set on fire by hell. God’s wisdom from above will make us realize the power of life and death that is in our tongue. God’s wisdom from above will empower us to use our tongues to build up rather than to destroy.

God’s wisdom from above enables us to live in peace. Christ offers a peace treaty to you who are at war with Him. Because of that war, there is turmoil in your heart; and that turmoil causes you to be at war with everyone around you.

God’s wisdom from above brings peace with God.  Jesus is invites you to enter into His Peace. (James 3)


James 2:14-26 “True Faith Satisfies” November 15, 2015 – CD#1578

]First Love

PEOPLE WHO LIVE THIER LIVES AS FAITHFUL TO JESUS ARE MARKED AS HIS OWN PEOPLE. They call Him their God, and He calls them His people; He is glad to give them their portion, and they are satisfied. There is a mutual communion of love between God’s church and their God. Faithful people are satisfied people. This is a grand thing. Very few of the sons of men are ever satisfied, let their lot in life be what it may; they have swallowed the lie of the Enemy that continually cries, “Give! Give me more!” But only faithful souls are satisfied souls. Christ converts us, and Christ brings us contentment.     It is no wonder that the Lord’s people should be satisfied with the goodness of their Lord. Jesus is pure goodness; His are blessings without end, mercy without rebuke, and love without end. If God’s Love & Blessings do not satisfy us, there is a wrong desire within us.  Jesus, as I walk by faith, I am satisfied. Blessed be Your Wonderful name.[/audio

James 2 – “What’s Your Favorite?” – November 8, 2015 – CD# 1577

james 2

JAMES AND PAUL SAW ABRAHAM’S OFFERING OF ISAAC FROM DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. Paul saw it as a man whose faith in God’s Word was accounted to him by God for righteousness. (Romans.4:1-3)   James saw Abraham’s offering of Isaac as a practical demonstration of his faith in God’s promises.(James 2) By his willingness to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham proved the faith that he had in God’s promises. He was accounted righteous by his faith alone, but Abraham’s faith was then acted out in his offering of Isaac.   No man will ever be moved to righteous action without faith. But no man’s faith is genuine unless it moves him to action.


James 1:12-27 “FAITH & ACTION” Nov. 1, 2015 – CD#1576


CHRISTIANITY IS THE OPPOSITE OF RELIGION. Religions teach that finite man can reach an infinite God by works. That is impossible! Christianity teaches that an infinite God did the impossible, and reached down to earth to touch finite man. “For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son” (John 3:16) Religions teach that man can reach God through works. Christianity teaches us that man can never reach God through works.          One day the people came to Jesus and asked “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?” Jesus answered; “This is the work of God; that you believe in Him whom God has sent.” (John 6:28,29)        Your religious works can never bring you into a relationship with God. A Relationship with God comes only from believing and receiving God’s Love, and trusting in Jesus, God’s provision for your sin.



James 1 – “Trusting Through Trials” – October 25, 2015 CD#1575

james 1 1-3[1]

GOD PUTS OUR FAITH TO THE TEST – Living in this ‘fallen’ world puts our faith to the test every day – Our devotion to Christ is put to the test. (James 1)    We are tested to the breaking point of our own abilities and resources so that we will learn to Trust in the Lord Jesus, instead of in ourselves.      My resources are limited; but when I look to God, I have unlimited resources. My strength is limited; however, when I put my Trust in God, I have unlimited strength.     Paul said that he took pleasure in his weakness, “for when I am weak, then I am strong”      (2 Cor.12:10) so count it all joy when your faith is put to the test.


Hebrews 13 – “Living The Christian Life” – 10/18/15 – cd#1574


GOD GAVE DIRECTIONS for sacrifices & holy days that were to be a way of life for His people. But after a time they were only going through the motions, and not truly honoring God with their hearts, although they were still offering physical sacrifices & praises. God rejected them because their actions were not coming from their hearts. (Hebrews 13).                                                 Jesus sees our hearts & knows how we live our Christian life. That is why our praises & offerings to Him must be a sacrifice from our hearts. There are times when praise just flows from my heart to Christ, and I can’t contain it. But there are other times when I don’t ‘feel’ like praising God or giving to God. It is very important that I praise God & give from my heart in those difficult times. We know God doesn’t need anything from us. But sacrificial praises & offerings bless Jesus when it comes from our hearts.                  What a great privilege it is to be able to give something to God that He really desires; the sacrifice of praise.

Hebrews 12:12-29 “Hear The Voice of Jesus” Oct.11,2015 – CD#1573


IF WE REFUSE TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF JESUS there are consequences (Hebrews 12). And you will not escape those penalties. There were consequences for rebelling against God’s Law at Mt. Sinai, and there will be even more if you rebel against the Grace of God (Mt. Zion). God will shake and judge things not only on earth but in heaven. But God’s people will remain since we have received a Kingdom which cannot be shaken, so let us serve God by His grace.

The scripture tells us our God is a consuming fire. His fire will burn out the trash and sin in His children’s lives. But His fire will consume all that rebel against His Word.

Hebrews 12 “Love and Discipline” – 10/4/15 – CD#1572




CHRISTIANS MUST UNDERSTAND THAT GOD DISCIPLINES US BECAUSE WE ARE HIS CHILDREN, AND HE LOVES US. God does not punish us; He corrects us. There is a great difference between punishment and discipline.                                                    Parents know how important it is to correct a child. When we see our child running into the street without looking, we realize the danger, and we correct them. Our Father sees us doing things that can destroy us, and He corrects us. It may be painful, but not as painful as if He just allowed us to continue along the deadly path.                                                 When you know you’re being disciplined by the Lord, don’t resist or resent Him for it. Take it as evidence that you are God’s child and He loves you.

Hebrews 11:13-40 “Choosing Faith” – Sept. 27, 2015 CD#1571


MOSES IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT A LIFE OF FAITH IS ALL ABOUT …. He could have lived as a prince in Egypt, with all the luxuries the world can offer. But he chose to suffer with the people of God, knowing that “the reproach of Christ is greater riches than all the treasures in Egypt.” (Hebrews 11)                                                                         The worst that God has to offer is better than the best that the world has to offer. This kind of faith can see the invisible One. When you look at the eternal things, the best that the world has to offer can’t hold a candle to what God offers. The choice is easy when you get the right perspective.



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