2 Timothy 3:5-16 – “Outward Appearances” – 5/24/15 – CD#1556

2-Timothy 3.2-[1]

“HAVING A FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENYING HIS POWER.”  (2 Timothy 3) This describes many Christians in these last days. They have an outward appearance of Godliness, but there is no Holy Spirit power in their lives. Their churches are often just social centers where Christians are entertained & hear motivational speakers. They can learn about a better life, how to quit smoking, how to raise children, how to invest, and it may be good advice; but the power of God is not there. Jesus said; “Without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) The power of the Holy Spirit is foundational to the Christian life. If we ignore God, the Holy Spirit, we are only teaching people how to get along in life without God, but without God we can do nothing meaningful with our lives.

2 Timothy 3 “God’s Word for God’s People” – 5/17/15 – CD#1555

2 Timothy 3

ALL OF GOD’S WORD IS INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, AND IS PROFITABLE FOR GOD’S PEOPLE. – (2 Timothy 3) –  There are many people today who would take away parts of the Bible as they decide which parts are inspired and which are not. Shall we take a vote of the scholars to decide what Jesus really said?                                                             How arrogant and foolish it is to throw out parts of the Bible. It is all inspired by God, and without error. We need every word of it. This is why Christians study all the way through the Bible. We want to be completely equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 2 “Fit For The Master’s Use” – 5/10/15 – MOTHER’S DAY – CD#SM1554

Mother's Day 2014

IN THE FIRST CENTURY MOTHER DIDN’T HAVE PLUMBING, so vessels (containers) were used for many different purposes. Certain vessels were honorable, set aside for drinking water or for food; others were dishonorable, & used to collect garbage, or other waste. Mom would never confuse these different vessels, and she certainly wouldn’t mix their uses. (2 Tim. 2)                            Paul is reminding Timothy to stay pure. Once a pot was used for garbage, it would be a vessel of dishonor, not fit for higher uses. We need to make certain that we are vessels of honor, pure and fit for the Master’s use.

2 Timothy 2 “Workers Approved Of God” 5/3/15 – cd# 1553


2 Timothy 2

“BE DILIGENT TO PRESENT YOURSELF APPROVED UNTO GOD ….” (2 Timothy 2). Each one of us as individuals must study for ourselves to be approved to God. And learning God’s Word takes time and effort, if we are to “rightly divide the word of Truth”.

We are God’s Children, and when each one of us reads, and studies the Word of God, The Lord is pleased. He approves when we work on our knowledge and understanding of His Word, The Holy Bible.

“Be diligent to present yourself approved unto God….” (2 Timothy 2). Each one of us as individuals must study for ourselves to be approved to God. And learning God’s Word takes time and effort, if we are to “rightly divide the word of Truth”.

We are God’s Children, and when each one of us reads, and studies the Word of God, The Lord is pleased. He approves when we work on our knowledge and understanding of His Word, The Holy Bible.

2 Timothy 1 “Committed To Christ” – Sunday, 10 AM – 4/26/15 –

2 Timothy 1

COMMITTED IS THE SAME WORD YOU WOULD USE TO REFER TO A DEPOSIT THAT YOU GAVE TO THE BANK.. You trust the bank to keep your money safe, and to pay interest on that money.                            Paul said that on the basis of his personal relationship with Jesus, he has committed his whole life to Christ, and he knows that his commitment was a wise decision, and will be worth it, whether he lives or dies. He has given total commitment of his life to Jesus Christ, the One who is able to complete His work in us until the day Jesus Christ returns for His Bride, the church!

Pa;rt 1

Part 2

1 Timothy 6 “The Fight of Faith” – Sunday 10am – April 19, 2015 – cd#1551

1 Timothy 6

MONEY CAN LEAD ANYONE INTO ALL SORTS OF DANGEROUS DIVERSIONS AND ALL KINDS OF EVIL. (1 Timothy 6)   Therefore the man or woman of God must run away from materialism and run toward the fruit of the Spirit, which is Love. (Gal.5:22).    It is impossible without the power of the Holy Spirit, but with Him we can be victorious, and fight the good fight of faith. With Him we can take hold of eternal life and keep the eternal perspective. When we follow after money, we are fighting a losing battle. We need to fight the good fight, which is the battle to focus on the eternal things instead of temporary.


1 Timothy 5 “A Command To The Church” – April 12, 2015 CD#1550

1 Timothy 5

PAUL WAS GIVING A SERIOUS CHARGE TO TIMOTHY!  In 1 Timothy 5  he wrote; “I charge you before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ”, and as if that wasn’t enough, “the elect angels.” What was this serious command?  “That you observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality.”  Paul was commanding the church that they should not give preferential treatment to some people.    Every person is equal in God’s sight. So if Christians give special treatment to some, then they are misrepresenting God.   Jesus loves all of us. He doesn’t have any favorites, and we should follow His example.  Treat every person with love, regardless of their station in life. To do less is to offend our Lord, Jesus Christ.

John 20 “The Empty Tomb” Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 CD#Easter2015

WHEN PETER AND JOHN SAW THE EMPTY BURIAL CLOTHES OF JESUS, AS IF HIS BODY HAD DISAPPEARED OUT OF THEM, THEY BELIEVED!  “For as yet they did not know the Scripture, that He must rise again from the dead.”  (John 20:9)
This shows how preconceptions can blind a person. Jesus had told His disciples repeatedly that He would die and rise from the dead. But they did not want to hear that, because it didn’t line up with their preconceived ideas, so they blocked it out of their mind. They wanted to see Jesus coming in His glory to establish His Kingdom on earth, and they did not want to hear what He was saying about His death and resurrection.
It is very important for you and I to listen to everything God is saying to us, and not just what we want to hear or what we expect to hear.

1 Timothy 4 “Serving God In The Last Days” – 10AM Sunday, Mar. 29 – CD#1549

1 Timothy 4

GOD THE FATHER has provided a way to salvation and eternal life in heaven for all of mankind. When God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross He died for the sins of the world. He opened the door to “Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely” (Rev.22:17).  But most people reject Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation and heaven. So, although Christ died for all mankind, and makes this offer to all, only those who accept Jesus Christ will receive the benefits of His redeeming sacrifice. “He is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.”  In other words, He died for everyone, but it takes acceptance by faith to actually know Jesus as your personal Savior. His death doesn’t do you any good unless you receive His free gift!


1 Timothy 3 “The Mystery of Godliness” – 10AM Sunday, March 22, – CD#1548

1 Timothy 3

“.. GREAT IS THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS ..”(I Tim.3:16) That a human could be changed to become more like his Creator God. That a person can take on a Christ like character is an amazing thing, and an incomprehensible mystery. Yet it happens in the life of everyone who surrenders his life to Jesus Christ and is born again.

Lives are changed mysteriously! Drug addicts who have tried every program imaginable, suddenly are delivered from years of slavery to the needle. An alcoholic quits drinking and never touches it again. A person who was filled with bitterness and anger comes to Christ, and is softened immediately by the touch of God’s Word. Depression and anxieties are gone when people receive God’s Holy Spirit. Great is the mystery of Godliness!



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