10AM Sunday 5/13/ – Mother’s Day – – 1 Corinthians 7 – “The Family of God” – No study tonight – take Mom to dinner !


Jesus tells us that many things can come into our lives & cause the Word of God to be unfruitful (Matt.13:1-23).                 The Bible often reminds us not to be worried or anxious about anything. However it is easy to get caught up in material things, and be worried, and distracted from the Life giving, Eternal, and Spiritual things of God.  Christians can lose their joy and faith if they become so successful that their possessions begin to possess them. In Rev 3:14-22 Jesus tells us riches will be a problem for the church in the last days. This world has many distractions and we can’t afford to get sidetracked.  The Family of God is there to help us learn to live according to The Bible. We have spiritual Fathers and Mothers that will come alongside to guide us and ‘sanctify’ us if we will just ask. And some of us are spiritual Fathers and Mothers called to come alongside if and when we are asked. (1 Cor.7)

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10AM Sunday 5/5/18 “HOW DARE YOU” – 1 Corinthians 6 with Mike Weatherly


“Sinner, I know that you have thought of your sin as your own burden, and you have been trying to get free of its weight, but there is a true and a better view: Sin was laid on Jesus, and it made Him to be covered with the bloody sweat, it nailed Him to the cross, it made Him cry out “My God My God why have You Forsaken Me?” Our sins bowed Him into the dust of death.              When you see the true view of your sin you will hate it, you will mourn it, but you will thank God you can be free of it”   C.H. Spurgeon (1833-1892) 

10AM 4/22/18 “All Is From God” 1 Cor. 4


Those in the church at Corinth were boasting about being more gifted than others (1 Cor.4).   The Apostle asked them; “Who makes you different from one another? And what do you have that you did not freely receive? And if it was freely given to you, why do you boast about it as if you had something to do with receiving it.                    Everything we have was given to us by God. Our life, our talents, abilities, knowledge, gifts, and possessions, all is from God. It is foolish to think we are more gifted than someone else because of our talents, knowledge, gifts or possessions. These were all freely given to us by The Holy Spirit of God who tells us not to think more highly of ourselves than we think of others (Phil.2:3,4).

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10AM Sunday 4/15/18 “The Temple of the Holy Spirit” – 1 Corinthians 3 –


If you are Born Again the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. You are the temple of God the Holy Spirit! Paul is reminding the carnal, and immature Corinthian church that the temple of God is holy, and should be set apart for His use, and not mistreated or defiled in the world (1 Cor.3).  Some people use this scripture to teach against smoking or over eating. That could be applied; but to keep it in context we should include candy, and every other thing that is bad for our bodies.                         What Paul was really talking about here was the abuse of our bodies that takes place when we use our bodies for immoral behavior. Our bodies are His Holy Temple, and we need to keep them pure from the disease of sin that is in the world.

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10AM Sunday: 4/5/18 “Revealed By The Spirit” – 1 Corinthians 2


This verse in 1 Cor. 2 – “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” is from Isa.64:4 and has been quoted too many times as though it concerns heaven. Now it certainly does apply to heaven; but in context (read on to verse 10) the Holy Spirit is talking about what we have right now because of the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.                                            People don’t really understand the glorious grace, forgiveness, and gifts of God that could be theirs if they would only accept Jesus into their hearts and lives.  How many Christians really appreciate what we have right here and now? But He has revealed them to us through His Spirit.  

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10am EASTER”The Resurrection & Our Faith” 1 Corinthians 15 – *NOTE* 6:30 pm Study Cancelled Tonight

Easter 2018

There so many so-called ‘ministers’ today who do not believe that Jesus really rose from the dead. Now this is nothing new; there were those in Paul’s day who said the same thing.  However Paul made it clear in this letter to the Corinthians; that if Jesus Christ didn’t rise from the dead we are hopelessly lost in our sins. (1 Cor. 15)          Any teaching that denies the Resurrection of Christ is empty. Any church without the risen Jesus is pathetic and to be pitied. But Paul went on to say; “But now Christ has risen from the dead.” Hallelujah.   

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10AM Sunday 3/25/18 – “GOD’S CHOICE” – 1Corinthians 1


God did not choose many “wise according to the flesh.” In the eyes of the world, most Christians are not wise or powerful, and influential. God usually chooses plain, simple people. And why does God choose that way? “.. that no flesh should glory in His presence!”                    If I were a great scholar, or had some great title or talent, and I was famous, people might say:       “No wonder Jesus chose him.” Or I might even be tempted to be prideful. But when they see what God is able to accomplish through a regular guy with nothing special to attract God’s attention then people say: “That’s amazing! God can use a simple guy like that.” And the glory is God’s for the great things He has done!  

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10AM Sun.3/18/18 – “Wise and Simple” – Romans 16 * * * * 6:30 PM Study Cancelled Tonight – Back next Week.


Be wise in what is good & simple concerning evil.” (Romans 16) The flesh has a morbid curiosity about evil things. The carnal person wants to know about the practices of the world of evil. They are curious about séances, spiritism, and the occult. These worldly people want to learn all about evil practices. Some Christians think that if you are going to minister to young people you need to learn all about the latest movies, music and media.      The Bible tells us to be wise about what is good, and simple about evil things. Why pollute your brain with garbage?  There are many things we’d be much better off not understanding.