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Gary Weatherly
 was born and raised in the Central California Valley, surrounded by oil fields and cotton fields. When Gary was thirteen years old, his mother and father divorced and “normal” life ended for him and his younger brother, Brian. He began to rebel against any authority and started moving toward a life of violence and crime.

When Gary was sixteen his Dad was “at his wits end” with his wayward son and so he sent him to spend a summer in Dayton, Ohio with his grandfather, Earnest Weatherly. This was a turning point for his life because his grandparents were praying Christians. And because of their prayers, Gary missed his flight from Los Angeles in June of 1956. That TWA flight collided with a United Airlines flight and both planes went down over the Grand Canyon. All on board both planes died. God had a plan for Gary’s life, although he didn’t know it at the time. He was on the next flight and spent that summer with his wonderful grandparents. Because of their prayers Gary turned away from violence and crime and began to move toward a relationship with Jesus Christ.

However, Gary didn’t make a commitment to Jesus until years later, after five years of college and twelve years in the music business under the influence of money, sex, drugs, alcohol and rock ‘n roll. But God, in His great love saved Gary from sin and death.(Read Ephesians 2)

In Costa Mesa, California, Gary made a real commitment to Christ and began to grow as a Christian under the ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith. There, in 1974, he learned the meaning of the “Love of God.” He began to serve the Lord by taking the Gospel wherever he could. He preached and ministered in music with Christian bands and by himself, on the streets, in Rescue Missions and prisons, visiting Juvenile Halls and convalescent homes. He also ministered in music & the word at evangelistic outreaches and churches.

In 1978, God called Gary to a Prison and Juvenile Hall Ministry in Napa, CA. His daughter, Cari and son, Damon, heard the Gospel of Christ from their Dad, and moved from So. CA with him to the Napa Valley. Gary’s son, Damon, and his bride, Susan, live in Forestville, in No. CA.

As Gary served God there in the beautiful Napa Valley, the Lord brought Debbie Adkins into his life, and they fell in love. And in 1979 they were married. To support his family and the Ministry, Gary gave music lessons, and did odd jobs. Eventually he opened the Napa Valley Art Studio and Gallery with James Michael Orr, another Christian artist. Sales of Gary’s “Napa Valley Scenes” supported his ministry, and brought the Gospel message to thousands of people who purchased them in the wine country gift shops.

God eventually moved Gary out of the Art Gallery into the office of Pastor-teacher as he taught home Bible studies in Napa, Fairfield, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa, finally moving to Santa Rosa in 1982, and establishing Calvary Chapel of Santa Rosa.

Gary and Debbie are Blessed to be the parents of five children. Their son, Matthew, and his bride, Kellie make their home in Bakersfield, CA.  Their son, David, and his bride, Danielle, make their home in Santa Rosa. Their son, Michael, and his bride, Jessica make their home in Santa Rosa – Michael has been assisting Pastor Gary since 2016 – Their daughter, Faith, & her husband Jake Loofbourrow make their home in Knoxville, Tenn. Their youngest son, Douglas, and his bride, Caitlin make their home in Santa Rosa.

Debbie oversees the Women’s Ministries at Calvary Chapel and Pastor Gary still enjoys music ministry.

Pastor Gary says: “We pray for the day when we will all worship together before the throne of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.”


These are my beloved praying Grandparents sometime in the early 1960's.Georgia Ella (Larkin) Weatherly (1874-1967) and "Ernie" Earnest Antrim Weatherly (1886-1972)
These are my beloved praying Grandparents
sometime in the early 1960’s.
Georgia Ella (Larkin) Weatherly (1874-1967) and “Ernie” Earnest Antrim Weatherly (1886-1972)

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  1. Windy Elias says:

    Hello Mr. Weatherly, I have been reading your blog and love it. I love the close knit family you have and the music you make together. The thing I love the MOST about your blog is how you talk about sins and forgiveness and that it is never to late for anyone. I wonder if I could please have a meeting with you. I can not tell you what it would mean to me and how important it would be. I beg of you. Please let me meet you.
    Thank you Sir;
    Windy Elias

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