10AM Sunday – “Righteous Judge” Genesis 18 with Pastor Mike. – – – 6PM Sunday Eve Study In Psalms 6:30 Thursday Eve Study in Acts

Abraham made a very interesting proposition to the Lord, (Genesis 18)and it has a lot to do with us today, because we are fast approaching the Great Tribulation; when God is going to judge the wicked. There are many today who believe the church will go into the Great Tribulation, but they are denying the justice & righteousness of God. This is exactly what Abraham was pressing: “Shall not the judge of all the earth do what is right? …what if there are 50 righteous in Sodom & Gomorrah; it wouldn’t be right for You to judge them with the wicked.   The same is true in considering God’s judgment in the Great Tribulation. The Lord of the earth will be just, He removed righteous Lot out of Sodom before He judged it, so He will remove His Bride, the righteous church, out of the earth before He pours out His wrath & judges it.         

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