10am Sunday “Change Your Name” – Genesis 17 with Pastor Mike – – – – 6pm Sunday Evening Study in Job – – 6:30 Thursday Study in Acts

When God changed Abram’s name, (Genesis 17) He placed the ‘ha’ sound of breath in his name. God ‘breathed’ His Holy Spirit into Abram’s life, changing even his name to Abraham.  When God changed the name of Abram’s wife, Sarai, He did the same thing by inserting the ‘ha’ sound of breath into her name He changed it to Sarah. By breathing His Holy Spirit of life into them God brought them both into a new dimension of life; the life after the Spirit.   When you are Born Again, God will breathe His Holy Spirit into your life, and He will give you a new life, and a new name (Isaiah 62:2-Revelation 3:12).

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