10AM Sunday, Jan.24 – “God Hears” – Genesis 16 with Pastor Mike – – – 6PM Sunday Evening Study In Job – – 6:30 Thursday Study in Acts

“The Angel of the Lord” found Hagar by the spring of water”… Here, in Genesis 16, we have the first mention in the Old Testament of ‘The Angel of the Lord.’ We will find this title appearing many times in the Old Testament, and many Bible scholars believe that ‘The Angel of the Lord’ as seen in the Old Testament, is a Theophany, or Christophany, that is, a visible manifestation of God. Actually, I believe this ‘Angel of the Lord’ is Jesus Christ appearing in a form to mankind”.  Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013 – – – –

1pm Sat. Jan. 30 on-line “Zoom” Celebration of Life for Ruth Swain – For Info contact: dmswain@hotmail.com

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