10AM – Sunday January 10, 2021 – – – – – – – – “Notice The Order” – – – – – – – – – Genesis 14 with Pastor Mike – – – – – 6PM Sunday Study in Job – – – – – – – – 6:30 PM Thursday Study in Acts

“We first see Melchizedek in Genesis 14, then in Ps. 110. In the New Testament we meet Him in Hebrews 6, which was written to Jews who found it hard to simply believe in Jesus for their righteousness. They felt they needed a priest. So the author of Hebrews declared to them that they had a Great High Priest who was superior to the Levitical order, because He was a priest in the order of Melchizedek. So Jesus is our Great High Priest, not from the tribe of Levi, from which the priests came, but from Judah, from which the Kings came. Jesus is our Great High Priest & King. Notice the Order; He is the King of Righteousness and the King of Peace, and He is our Great High Priest. Melchizedek gave Abram bread & wine, and Abram gave tithes to Melchizedek. Jesus gave His disciples bread & wine at the Last Supper as He instituted the New Testament.

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