10AM Sunday January 3, 2021 – “Abram Inherits Canaan” – – – Genesis 13 with Pastor Mike – – – – 6PM Sunday Study In Job – – – – – – – – – 6:30 PM Thursday Study in Acts

“Abram was probably feeling alone as his nephew Lot left to go to Sodom (Genesis 13). So it was at this lonely time that God was able to speak to Abram’s heart. And God made a covenant with Abram concerning Canaan land now that Lot had left, and Abram was finally in complete obedience to God’s command to leave everything. So God said to Abram: “Look North”, and Abram could see Mt. Hermon in the North. God said: “Look South toward the Negev. Look East toward the plains of Jordan. Look West toward the Mediterranean Sea”. God said “I will give all of this land to you, and your descendants forever.”  

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