10AM Sunday December 27th – – – – “Going Without Knowing” – Genesis 12 with Pastor Mike – – – – – – 6PM Sunday, Study in Job – – – – – – 7PM-12AM New Year’s Eve Service

“Abraham wasn’t totally obedient at this point (Genesis 12). And this is very interesting, because Abraham is always held up as a model of faith in the New Testament; the model of a man who believed and trusted God. He’s looked at as a prime example of one who trusts and obeys. And so many times when we read about faith and the exploits of the faithful, we think, “But I’m so weak, and I’ve failed so many times, I don’t think I can do it”. Well, It is good to know that Abraham wasn’t perfect nor was his faith perfect. It’s good to know that you don’t have to be perfect, and your faith doesn’t have to be perfect for God to honor you. Pastor Chuck Smith

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