10AM Sunday – “Table of Nations” Genesis 10 with Pastor Mike. – – – – 6PM Sunday Evening in Job – – – – 6:30PM Thursday Eve. in Acts

Genesis chapter ten has been called the “Table of Nations”, because here you have the beginning of all of the various nations of the world, and the various ethnic groups. “These are the generations of the sons of Noah.”

Seth is probably the one who put these generations together. We follow the line of Ham for a little while, and a little bit of the line of Japheth, but then when we get to the line of Shem we will continue to follow the generations from Shem because it is from Shem that Abraham will come. And It is from Abraham that the nation of Israel will come. It is from Israel and Abraham, that the Savior Jesus Christ will come. So we will continue to follow the line down to Christ. But the others will follow for a few generations to establish the ethnic groups that sprung from them. But then we’ll leave them, because the whole message really centers on the Messiah, Jesus Christ. – Pastor Chuck Smith

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