10AM 11/15/20 – “Striving with Men” Genesis 6 with Pastor Mike – Sunday 6pm – Thursday 6:30pm

The most remarkable thing we know concerning the old world is how it was destroyed by the world-wide flood in Genesis 6, where we see – (1) The spiritual & carnal evil of that wicked world.  – (2) Our Righteous God’s hatred of that wickedness, and his Holy decision to punish it. – (3) The Amazing Grace of God to faithful Noah.   1st In Noah’s character Gen. 6:8-10. 2nd In the Words of God’s purpose for him, Gen. 6:13,17 3rd In the directions God gave Noah to build an ark, Gen. 6:14-16. 4th God’s Grace using Noah to preserve His creation,Gen. 6:18-21.  – And Last, Noah’s obedience to God’s instructions. And that this which concerns the old world is written as His warning to us in these End Times of the new world.         

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