10AM – 9/20/20 – “Thy Kingdom Come” – Revelation 20 with Pastor Gary

Jesus  has a purpose for Satan, and the world system. He uses it to test our Love for Him; and to do that, Christ sometimes allows Satan to test us. The story of Job is the classic example for us.       Christ doesn’t want us to be robots. He wants our choice to be a real choice; and in order for it to be real, there has to be an attractive alternative.  That is where Satan, Self, and the world system comes in. As the father of lies, Satan specializes in making rebellion against God look good our flesh. This gives people an opportunity to actually choose God’s ways, and to Love Him, and not by force, but from the heart. We wouldn’t have a real relationship with the Living God unless we had a choice. And Satan, Self and the System provides mankind that option.

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One thought on “10AM – 9/20/20 – “Thy Kingdom Come” – Revelation 20 with Pastor Gary

  1. Pastor Robert Osaga says:

    Pastor Randy we are grateful for the massage from Pastor Gary may the Lord God Reachily bless you,we believe satanhas no more power over us any more in JESUS NAME

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