10AM 8/16/20 – “Just and True”- Revelation 15 with Pastor Mike

Throughout the account of God’s judgment on the world, as we see the wrath of the Lamb poured out, and the devastation, we are reminded again & again that what God does is Right. “Just and True are Your ways, O King of the Saints!” (Revelation 15)     No one can honestly accuse God of not being fair. There may be things that don’t look fair to us, but we don’t know the whole story. Now when the whole story has been told, we will all declare that God was, and is fair and just.   Whenever we come upon something we don’t understand, we must fall back on what we do understand; I know that God is Love. I know that God is True, I know God is just and right. In the end we will see just how Perfect He is.      Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013        

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