10AM- 8/2/20 -“The Coming World Leader” Revelation 13 with Pastor Mike

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The Coming World Leader, known as Antichrist, will bring in a cashless economic system. In the name of efficiency & security, he will call for a mark (Grk: “Stigma” A tattoo or a burned-in brand) on the right hand or forehead of all who want to participate, and it will be impossible to buy or sell without that mark. It may well be a computer identification chip that will link your personal information with a central computer system (Revelation 13).       Just a few years ago, people would have scoffed at such an idea. Today, however with all the problems we are having in the world with identity theft, and with criminal activity involving cash, this will be an idea easy to put over on people; especially those dependent upon government for jobs, money, housing, food, schools, religion, & more.  And this will give The Coming World Leader complete Political, Economic, & Religious control of the whole world. – –  Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013  

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