10AM – 7/26/2020 – “The Woman, The Child & The Dragon” – Revelation 12 with Pastor Gary

Satan is no friend of ours. He may come as an ‘angel of light’ offering enticing things, but he hates you & I and he accuses us before our God day & night. (Rev.12).    If we didn’t have our Advocate, Jesus Christ, interceding for us, we would be doomed. But Jesus stands for us against the accusations of Satan, forever interceding for us (Heb.7). It will be a happy day when Satan is cast down forever, and the Enemy of our soul is defeated.    Every once in a while, someone will come up to me & start accusing me of something that they think I’ve done wrong or said wrong. I have to occasionally respond to them, “Who is the accuser of the brethren?” This usually shuts them up. – Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013        

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