10AM – July 12, 2020 – “Sweetness & Bitterness” – Revelation 10 – with Pastor Gary

Revelation 10 As John began to eat the little book given to him by the angel, he started realizing that the kingdom of God was about to be established on earth, and it was sweet. Just the thought of the God’s glorious Kingdom, and the coming rule of Jesus Christ, with the deserts blossoming as a rose, the Lion and the Lamb eating together, no more war!  Just thinking about it was as sweet as honey! But then thinking about, and digesting the horrible wrath that must take place before this, and the judgment that must be poured out upon the earth gave John a sick feeling. And it is bittersweet as we look forward to the return of Christ, and the glories of His Kingdom, while also realizing that it will mean God’s wrath must be poured out, and pain and suffering will come in the process, as sin is judged. – Pastor Chuck Smith        

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