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10AM- 8/2/20 -“The Coming World Leader” Revelation 13 with Pastor Mike

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The Coming World Leader, known as Antichrist, will bring in a cashless economic system. In the name of efficiency & security, he will call for a mark (Grk: “Stigma” A tattoo or a burned-in brand) on the right hand or forehead of all who want to participate, and it will be impossible to buy or sell without that mark. It may well be a computer identification chip that will link your personal information with a central computer system (Revelation 13).       Just a few years ago, people would have scoffed at such an idea. Today, however with all the problems we are having in the world with identity theft, and with criminal activity involving cash, this will be an idea easy to put over on people; especially those dependent upon government for jobs, money, housing, food, schools, religion, & more.  And this will give The Coming World Leader complete Political, Economic, & Religious control of the whole world. – –  Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013  

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10AM – 7/26/2020 – “The Woman, The Child & The Dragon” – Revelation 12 with Pastor Gary

Satan is no friend of ours. He may come as an ‘angel of light’ offering enticing things, but he hates you & I and he accuses us before our God day & night. (Rev.12).    If we didn’t have our Advocate, Jesus Christ, interceding for us, we would be doomed. But Jesus stands for us against the accusations of Satan, forever interceding for us (Heb.7). It will be a happy day when Satan is cast down forever, and the Enemy of our soul is defeated.    Every once in a while, someone will come up to me & start accusing me of something that they think I’ve done wrong or said wrong. I have to occasionally respond to them, “Who is the accuser of the brethren?” This usually shuts them up. – Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013        

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10AM -7/19/’20 – “2 True Witnesses” – Revelation 11 with Pastor Mike

ONE of the major problems in negotiations between the Jews & Moslems, is the Temple Mount. It is holy to both Jews & Moslems. And it is where the Dome of the Rock Mosk sits. This is a huge problem when we consider that the Jews are going to rebuild their temple during the Great Tribulation period. I believe Rev. 11 gives us a hint as to how this will take place. In measuring the temple of God, John was told NOT to measure the outer court, which had been given to the Gentiles. In Ezekiel 42:20, there was to be a wall to separate the Holy areas from the common areas. I believe Antichrist’ 7 year treaty with Israel during the Great Tribulation will include building a wall on Temple Mount to allow the Jews to rebuild their temple north of the Dome of the Rock where a small Dome of the Tablets is today. Many believe that is the original site of the Holy of Holies.                                  This could work for the Jews & the Moslems. It is probably the reason the outer court was not measured (Ez.42:20). It is in this future outer court that the Dome of the Rock is located today.  Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013

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10AM – July 12, 2020 – “Sweetness & Bitterness” – Revelation 10 – with Pastor Gary

Revelation 10 As John began to eat the little book given to him by the angel, he started realizing that the kingdom of God was about to be established on earth, and it was sweet. Just the thought of the God’s glorious Kingdom, and the coming rule of Jesus Christ, with the deserts blossoming as a rose, the Lion and the Lamb eating together, no more war!  Just thinking about it was as sweet as honey! But then thinking about, and digesting the horrible wrath that must take place before this, and the judgment that must be poured out upon the earth gave John a sick feeling. And it is bittersweet as we look forward to the return of Christ, and the glories of His Kingdom, while also realizing that it will mean God’s wrath must be poured out, and pain and suffering will come in the process, as sin is judged. – Pastor Chuck Smith        

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10AM July 5,’20 – “Death Takes A Holiday” Revelation 9 – With Pastor Mike


v.4 The men with the seal of God on their foreheads are the 144,000 from Chapter 7.

v.6 For five months, no matter how badly injured they are, people will not be able to die. “DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY”

v.11 Abaddon and Apollyon both mean “destroyer.” This is Satan, the king of the demons.

v.14 Euphrates is the river that ran through the ancient city of Babylon. Babylon was the center from which all the satanic cults originated.

v.16 200 Million Man Army.

v.20-21 The people left alive after these plagues will continue to worship Satan. “Sorceries” comes from the Greek word pharmakia which is the use of drugs for hallucinatory purposes.

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