June 28,’20 10AM – “Trumpet Judgments” – Revelation 8 – With Pastor Gary

Calvary Chapel of Santa Rosa Links to FaceBook & YouTube are posted below.



REVELATION is a solemn book of God’s judgments, but it is also a wonderful book in which we find the completion of God’s plans up through eternity. Revelation is not easy to understand and is sometimes called “sealed”, and it is much neglected by many Christians. The main thought of OT and NT Bible prophecy is the future rule of Christ over His creation and the preceding events, especially in relation to Israel. The Bride of Christ is not mentioned at all in OT prophecies. The Church is subject of a divine mystery seen only in the NT (Eph 3:2-11). This heavenly company’s expectation is not centered on happenings of the last days. It is centered on the coming of the Jesus to Rapture His Bride. And this Rapture can happen anytime (see Rev 22:7Rev 22:12Rev 22:20). Most biblical prophecies including the ones in Revelation concern the time after the Rapture.  – Spurgeon 1865

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