10AM 1/12/20 – “Out of Darkness Into His Light” – 1 Peter 2

God sees Christians as a nation with this peculiar hall-mark; that you are “a holy nation.” This is the true token of your nationality that you are “holiness unto the Lord,” “a peculiar people” belonging to God alone, marked off from the rest of mankind as peculiarly his. You are not to be as other men, you are “a peculiar people.” Your road is not the broad one where many go, it is the narrow one which few find, your happiness is not worldly pleasure, but pleasures at the right hand of God which are for evermore. – You are “a peculiar people”; to be witnesses of the praises & virtues of Jesus Christ, not only to know them, but to make them known to others. Beloved, how far are you doing this? I put the question personally to each one of you, for you were chosen by God on purpose that you “should shew forth the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light”.   Spurgeon 1850

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