10AM 1/5/20 -” The Hope of God’s Elect” 1 Peter 1

How beautifully Peter obeys his Master’s command to “strengthen your brothers.” This is the same Peter who once began to sink in the storm, and now is helping others to stand. This is that same Peter who denied his Master 3 times. But Peter begins his letter by introducing himself as “an apostle of Jesus Christ.” God worked wonders in Peter’s life by His Grace! No wonder Peter writes to others, “Grace to you, & peace, be multiplied.” Truly, this is a blessing, beyond all comparison; that we have been begotten again by God the Father to a “Living Hope” (1 Peter 1.             Our 1st birth brought us into sin & sorrow, but our 2nd birth brings us into purity & joy. We were born to die; now we are born never to die, “begotten again” unto a life that shall remain in us forevermore, a life which shall even penetrate these mortal bodies, & make them immortal, “by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”

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