10AM 12/29/19 – “Vanishing Riches” – James 5

There   is a growing wickedness in the land:          The growing worldliness among professing Christians. They are indulging in extravagance in many ways; in luxurious habits, dress, feastings, and wasting the substance of which they are to be good stewards. When a man is giving liberally to the cause of God,        I count it foolish to inhibit his spending liberally in other ways, for people usually spend by scale.  It would be absurd to hold up a wretched miser, who gives nothing either to God or man, as an example to a liberal spender; but there is too much of extravagance around, which wastes the Master’s money in worldly pleasures, and amusements. Some ministers of Christ, have in these days even defended amusements which most have abandoned. We must be careful, wise, and very clear in our dealings with this growing evil, or we shall lose all spirituality in the churches.  Spurgeon 1850:

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