10AM 12/1/19 “Keeping The Right Perspective” James 1

James was the son of Joseph & Mary & half-brother to Jesus (God was Jesus’ Father). He wrote this letter to encourage the young church that was being tested & scattered in 45 AD. James wrote before Paul ever wrote to the churches. James writes as a “bond-slave” of Jesus (James 1). A bond-slave had no rights, & was totally obedient to & dependent on his master.  James never even brings up the family relationship he had with Jesus as half-brother.  – – James is writing to his “brethren”. If you are born of the Spirit, you are in the Family of God, and James is writing to you. Encouraging you & I to Keep the Right Perspective on things & count it as “Joy” when you face trials of any kind.  Joy is one of the things that define God’s Love (Galatians 5). Joy is an attitude of a heart that is born of the Spirit, and not dependent on outward circumstances.

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