10AM Sunday 9/29/19 “Forward or Fail” Hebrews 6

For Calvinists & others who believe you can never lose your salvation, Hebrews 6 introduces the problem of one who is saved but then falls away. Many try to bend the Word to imply that the person was never a Christian in the first place; but it is a stretch to say that someone who has “been enlightened…been a partaker of the Holy Spirit, and tasted the good Word of God and the powers of the age to come” is not a Christian.      Hebrews 6 is also a problem for Arminians who believe people can get saved & lost as many times as they want; because it says that it is impossible for them to get saved again. Remember that Hebrews was written to Christians who were leaving Christ to go back to Judaism & the law. It says that if they go back to Judaism, there would be no hope of salvation for them.           This could also be to people who leave the faith & turn against God, & lead others astray. It may be possible to sink so far in not only rejecting Jesus, but in destroying the faith of others that you get to a point of no return. But Hebrews 6 is not teaching that if you fall into sin you can never repent. That is contrary to all of the Bible & would leave us all lost. Pastor Chuck Smith

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