10 AM – 4/14/2019 – “The Return of Christ” – – 1Thessalonians 5

Christ’ return will be a surprise to the wicked. It will take them unaware. Just at that moment when they least expect it Christ will come. And just as a thief takes away, so will Christ take away their fleshly lives, and destroy all of their earthly hopes at His coming. (1 Thess. 5 – Rev.6:16,17 – – The Holy Spirit writes: “They shall not escape.” – They shall not escape by their own power or force or wisdom. They shall not escape even by annihilation – which they might even desire – but which shall not come to them. Jesus Christ will return. We expect the dissolution of this present world. We cannot know the hour, but since we know that Jesus will return for His Bride, the Church, we look with joy and anticipation to His return.

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