10 AM – 4/7/2019 – – “In The Air” – 1 Thessalonians 4

The words “caught up” are translated “rapturo” in the Latin Bible (1 Thess.4). This is where we get our English word rapture. We who are alive at this time will be raptured by the force of God’s Spirit at the trumpet call of God. We will be caught up together to a meeting in the air with our Lord Jesus and the Christians who have died before us.  This is not the Second Coming of Christ. This is the Rapture, when Christ comes for His Bride, before His Second Coming (John 14).  The Marriage Supper is a time we will be with the Lord in heaven. At the Second Coming He returns to earth, and we will come back with Him to rule for a thousand years (Rev.19) and we will forever be with Him. Paul told us to comfort one another with these words. Set your heart & mind on eternity where we will live forever with Jesus.

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