10AM Sunday 24 – “Knit Together” – – – Colossians 2

The Gospel without Holy Spirit power makes no fundamental changes in one’s life. Water may change from liquid to vapor, from vapor to ice, back to liquid again, and still be fundamentally the same. The Gospel without the Holy Spirit puts people through religious, outward changes that will leave a person fundamentally the same. So the actions of a Godless person and a person who has heard the gospel, but without power is the same; pride lies at the heart of both lives. The big difference is the religious man has learned to disguise his sins. And he may actually be in more trouble spiritually, because God hates hypocrisy.    And a person who has received the Gospel without the power of the Holy Spirit can never bring forth the fruit of the Spirit, and be knit together in God’s Love. – Listen Beloved; We do not gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles. Yet false teachers deceive many Christians to accept the Gospel without power.   (Colossians 2)

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