10AM 1/6/19 “Love as Christ Loved” – Ephesians 5

All Christians try to love as Christ loved, (Eph.5) but we all fall short. I can no more do justice to His amazing love than I can grasp a star. Still, by reaching toward the star I may call attention to it. So, as I stretch my heart toward the high, shining love of Jesus Christ, someone may be encouraged to look up and be touched by His Love.                          “There is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear.” (1 John 4) To know that love of God and to experience leaning on the arm of the Beloved—this and only this can cast out fear. Let a person become convinced that nothing can harm them and all fear leaves. The natural reflex to pain may be felt, but the deep torment of fear is gone. Gods’ love has caused Him to desire our eternal good, and His sovereign power enables Him to secure it.A.W.Tozer

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