Saturday 2 Ron Hiller’s Coronation into Heaven – – – Sunday 10am “Amazing Grace & Faith” Ephesians 2


No one was ever saved other than by Grace (Eph.2). Since man was banished from the Garden, no one has ever returned to Divine relationship except through the sheer goodness of the Father.  And Grace always came by Jesus Christ. Grace did not wait for His birth, His death, or His resurrection before it became active.                   In Old Testament times people of Faith looked forward to Christ’ saving Grace; in New Testament times we look back upon it. But people must always come to a Divine relationship by God’s Amazing Grace & Faith.

And remember that the Grace of God is infinite.  It has no beginning or end, it is vast and immeasurable.

We who see ourselves separated from God can now raise our heads, and look up. By virtue of Jesus’ atoning death the cause of our exile is removed, and we may return as the Prodigal returned, and be welcomed.           A. W. Tozer

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