Dec. 2, Sunday 10AM – “IN CHRIST” – Ephesians 1


If you are a Christian, you are living “In Christ”, and that is only because God chose you. When we read John 15:16, we discover that He chose us. This confuses many people because they realize that we all have the ability to choose, and that is true. But God, who knows all things, knows what we will choose; and God doesn’t pick losers.  God picks winners! (Ephesians 1)                    Some people may say, “But that isn’t fair – What if God didn’t choose me?”  Have you accepted Jesus Christ in your heart? If you have, then He chose you. If you haven’t accepted Christ, do it now, and you will find out that you were chosen. If you don’t want to accept Christ, then why do you care if you were chosen or not?  Pastor Chuck Smith


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