Sunday 10AM – – Galatians 6


When I was Born Again by God’s Holy Spirit I trusted in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, my personal Savior. My depression & suicidal tendencies were miraculously gone, along with the addictions & lust. I was glorying in the Cross of Christ. I was resting in Jesus’ Love. I had discovered the wonderful grace of God. But I didn’t understand the Spiritual war that was raging for my soul. (Galatians 6)                           Sometimes I would go to the many so-called Christian conventions and concerts there in Southern California, and there were very many.  Satan planned to destroy my life in Christ by introducing me to legalism through popular false teachers that were at those meetings. Now these heretics did not require circumcision or keeping of the Sabbath laws, as the heretics did who were in Galatia, but instead they required faith in man-made “Quick Fix” laws.      I know the only reason I never fell for their lies was because every day I was Sowing to the Spirit, being immersed in Bible study, Fellowship & Prayer. My Beloved Brothers & Sisters in Christ, continue steadfast in Acts 2:42.   Pastor Gary

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