Monthly Archives: September 2018

Sunday 30th – 10AM – “Glory In Christ” – 2 Corinthians 11


Christians are not given options to glorify God. Glory and Praise is due our righteous Christ, and every Christian who is saved by God’s Grace is bound to give Jesus glory every day. Now there is no commandment requiring certain times or songs of praise to glorify our Savior, but God has written upon our heart the law that teaches us that it is right to praise His Only Son, and give Jesus glory.                  It is every Christian’s calling to praise God, and give Him glory. Don’t think that because you are sad or suffering, that you need not honor your calling. You are bound by the bonds of Love to glorify His Name. And His praise should continually be in your mouth. Lift up you voice to praise Jesus, and our Father will hear you from heaven and accept it.

Sunday, 9/23, 10AM – “Mighty Weapons” – – 2 Corinthians 10


We are living in sinful, human bodies in a sinful, material world, but our battle isn’t in this world. As Christians, our battle is in the spiritual realm, and our weapons are mighty, spiritual weapons (2 Cor. 10). Our biggest problem is getting tangled up in battles that are physical or material. When we get into those kinds of battles, we will be defeated. If we go to war in the flesh, Satan has the advantage.    “If we go to war in the Spirit, the advantage is ours, and we cannot lose. Christians are indestructible when we put on the whole armor of God.”  Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013

Sept.16, 10AM – “Giving Generously” – – 2Corinthians 9


If we are giving to the Lord with a willing and cheerful heart; the result will be that we will always have everything we need. God will provide for you if you have entrusted your finances and your possessions to Him. But write out your budget before the Lord, and be certain you are being wise with those things God has given to you. (2 Corinthians 9)     You can keep all your possessions and money for yourself if you want; but if you give it to Jesus He will “make all grace abound toward you.” That is wonderful, and it helps make me a cheerful giver”.  – Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013


Sept. 9 10AM — “The Proof of Your Love” – 2Corinthians 8


The Apostle Paul commended the Macedonian Christians, who had given so generously to the Christians at Jerusalem, despite the fact that they themselves had very little. Their generosity was one proof of God’s Love in their life. Their generosity started when they first experienced the Love of Jesus.     Once we commit ourselves completely to the Lord, and recognize that everything we have comes from Him, and belongs to Him, then giving becomes a natural result of that realization. If you can give yourself, the rest is easy & natural. Pastor Chuck Smith 1927-2013