Baptism 9/1/ 10AM-Spring Lake Swim Pond – BBQ & Picnic afterwards – cut & paste below – Sunday 9/2/18 10AM – “Godly Sorrow” – 2Corinthians 7


God’s Word tells us there are two kinds of sorrow; Godly sorrow & worldly sorrow. Both of these will have an emotional impact on us, but only Godly sorrow moves us to action, because it leads to repentance. The New Testament definition of repentance implies that there will be a change for the better. Worldly sorrow means feeling sorry for yourself, and sorry you were caught in your sins. That sorrow will lead to death, and separation from God forever, because there is no real change in actions. (2 Corinthians 7)  The Corinthian church revealed a Godly sorrow by their actions after Paul’s 1st letter called them to repent.      The principle is the same today. Repent, or feel sorry for yourself, and continue in your sin. It is your choice ! Godly sorrow working in the life of a Christian brings real concern about your lifestyle, and it brings an eagerness to get sin out of your life! Godly sorrow brings forth a zeal for Jesus Christ, and righteousness, peace, and Joy in the Spirit.

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