8/26/18 -10 AM – “GRACE WORKS” – 2Corinthians 6


Christ has done Gracious, even miraculous things for us; dying on that cruel cross for our sins, rising on the 3rd day, and bringing salvation freely to all of mankind. And still there are people who refuse His offer of eternal life.

“Many people have intentions of getting right with God, but you have to wonder why they put it off. It doesn’t make sense. It’s as if you had a horrible sickness that was killing you and someone told you about, and even brought to you a miraculous new medicine that could save your life immediately. Would you put it on the shelf and think; “Maybe I’ll take it tomorrow”? Maybe just one more night of suffering, and I’ll take it in the morning! Why?

To put off getting right with God makes no sense. Don’t wait! Now is the day of your salvation”. (2 Cor. 6) – Pastor Chuck Smith 1927 – 2013

So Sorry about the Static on this weeks recording.

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