July 1, 10AM – “What You Need To Hear” – 1 Corinthians 14


The Gifts of God’s Holy Spirit will be here for the Christian church until ‘that which is perfect has come’ (1 Cor.13). There are some people today who deny the use of some of the spiritual gifts because they think “that which is perfect” refers to the completed Bible. And they say not all, but some of the gifts ceased in the first century, and are not for the church today. However, when we read the Scripture in context, it is clear that the “perfect” refers to the person of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  In 1 Cor.13:12 the Word says then we will see “face to face” – not book to face.       Also in Joel 2:28-33, Joel prophesied the pouring out of His gifts on His people until the Judgment Day.  In these last days the Bride of Christ (the Church) needs all the gifts until our perfect Lord returns for us. After Jesus returns they won’t be necessary.

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