10AM Sunday 3/4/18 “God’s Law of Liberty” Romans 14 #1677


The early church worshiped together on Sunday, because that was the day Jesus rose from the dead (Acts 20:7) But some of the Jewish believers in the early church wanted to worship on Saturday because that was Jewish tradition.   –  Some people today worship on Saturday.  Paul points out in Romans 14 that some people esteem “one day above another; another esteems every day alike.” It is acceptable to have differing opinions. What is not acceptable is to judge each other based on these opinions.  –  Christians enjoy God’s Liberty, and don’t allow anyone to judge them according to Sabbath days (Col.2:16). I have Liberty to worship on any day, because they are all the Lord’s days. But I won’t judge you if you see it differently, and I hope you won’t judge me, or other Christians. These are not the kinds of things the body of Christ should be arguing about.

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