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10am EASTER”The Resurrection & Our Faith” 1 Corinthians 15 – *NOTE* 6:30 pm Study Cancelled Tonight

Easter 2018

There so many so-called ‘ministers’ today who do not believe that Jesus really rose from the dead. Now this is nothing new; there were those in Paul’s day who said the same thing.  However Paul made it clear in this letter to the Corinthians; that if Jesus Christ didn’t rise from the dead we are hopelessly lost in our sins. (1 Cor. 15)          Any teaching that denies the Resurrection of Christ is empty. Any church without the risen Jesus is pathetic and to be pitied. But Paul went on to say; “But now Christ has risen from the dead.” Hallelujah.   

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10AM Sunday 3/25/18 – “GOD’S CHOICE” – 1Corinthians 1


God did not choose many “wise according to the flesh.” In the eyes of the world, most Christians are not wise or powerful, and influential. God usually chooses plain, simple people. And why does God choose that way? “.. that no flesh should glory in His presence!”                    If I were a great scholar, or had some great title or talent, and I was famous, people might say:       “No wonder Jesus chose him.” Or I might even be tempted to be prideful. But when they see what God is able to accomplish through a regular guy with nothing special to attract God’s attention then people say: “That’s amazing! God can use a simple guy like that.” And the glory is God’s for the great things He has done!  

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10AM Sun.3/18/18 – “Wise and Simple” – Romans 16 * * * * 6:30 PM Study Cancelled Tonight – Back next Week.


Be wise in what is good & simple concerning evil.” (Romans 16) The flesh has a morbid curiosity about evil things. The carnal person wants to know about the practices of the world of evil. They are curious about séances, spiritism, and the occult. These worldly people want to learn all about evil practices. Some Christians think that if you are going to minister to young people you need to learn all about the latest movies, music and media.      The Bible tells us to be wise about what is good, and simple about evil things. Why pollute your brain with garbage?  There are many things we’d be much better off not understanding.

10AM Sun.3/11/18 “One In The Spirit” – Romans 15 – Spring your clocks forward –


We are told to “receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the Glory of God” (Romans 15). Ephesians 1:6 tells us that we are “accepted in the Beloved.” Since Jesus has accepted us, we should certainly accept one another.                                                                             Let the Holy Spirit of God pull down any artificial barriers that divide us from the rest of the Body of Christ. We are One in the Spirit and we must allow Christ to break down any walls people have built to define their own territory. Let’s always be open to the work of The Spirit of God.

10AM Sunday 3/4/18 “God’s Law of Liberty” Romans 14 #1677


The early church worshiped together on Sunday, because that was the day Jesus rose from the dead (Acts 20:7) But some of the Jewish believers in the early church wanted to worship on Saturday because that was Jewish tradition.   –  Some people today worship on Saturday.  Paul points out in Romans 14 that some people esteem “one day above another; another esteems every day alike.” It is acceptable to have differing opinions. What is not acceptable is to judge each other based on these opinions.  –  Christians enjoy God’s Liberty, and don’t allow anyone to judge them according to Sabbath days (Col.2:16). I have Liberty to worship on any day, because they are all the Lord’s days. But I won’t judge you if you see it differently, and I hope you won’t judge me, or other Christians. These are not the kinds of things the body of Christ should be arguing about.