10am Sun.2/25/18 “Wake Up & Enjoy The Love” Romans 13 – CD#1677


God wants His Bride, the church, to be awake & watching for the return of their Loving Bridegroom at any time. (Romans 13) There are no prophecies that have to be fulfilled before the Rapture of the Church because He wants His Bride to live every day knowing that Jesus could come at any moment to take up His Church.           Throughout church history there has remained in the hearts of every Christian an eagerness for Jesus’ return, and God planned it to be that way.     Living in anticipation of Christ’ return ensures that Christians stay awake, set apart from the pleasures of the world, and focused on their spiritual lives. And awake to the possibility that today might be the day Jesus will come back for us. (John 14) The church must stay awake, looking forward to the joy set before us. The day is at hand.



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