Monthly Archives: February 2018

10am Sun.2/25/18 “Wake Up & Enjoy The Love” Romans 13 – CD#1677


God wants His Bride, the church, to be awake & watching for the return of their Loving Bridegroom at any time. (Romans 13) There are no prophecies that have to be fulfilled before the Rapture of the Church because He wants His Bride to live every day knowing that Jesus could come at any moment to take up His Church.           Throughout church history there has remained in the hearts of every Christian an eagerness for Jesus’ return, and God planned it to be that way.     Living in anticipation of Christ’ return ensures that Christians stay awake, set apart from the pleasures of the world, and focused on their spiritual lives. And awake to the possibility that today might be the day Jesus will come back for us. (John 14) The church must stay awake, looking forward to the joy set before us. The day is at hand.


10AM Sun. 2/18/18 “Spirit Filled Loving” Romans 12 – Part 2 –


The purpose of nature is to lead us to the Creator and to worship and Love Him.  The purpose of our feelings and emotions is to lead us to our Creator, the One who planted them within our hearts.       Everything in creation points to the Creator arousing within us a Loving wonder, admiration and worship.  Wherever we go, we can worship.  Jesus taught that essentially we are portable sanctuaries, and if we are worshiping in spirit and truth, we can take our sanctuary with us.  Jesus said, “Don’t you see that if God is Spirit, worship is spiritual, and anything spiritual has no location in space or in time?”  You do not get up in the morning look at your calendar and say: “This is the time to worship”.  You don’t go out, look around and say: “This is the place to worship.” You worship God anywhere, any place, any time, because worship is spiritual- –    A.W. Tozer

10AM Sun.Feb.11,2018 – “The Spirit Filled Life” – Romans 12



God has given each one of His children certain gifts and ministries to be used in the Body of Christ; and though we are all different, He calls us to work together to accomplish His purposes. Christians are connected, and as the Body of Christ we are dependent upon one another. (Romans 12)      If we all will use the gifts the Holy Spirit has given us, the Body of Christ will function beautifully. But if we do not work together; or if we neglect our gifts and worry about what someone else is doing, the Body will be useless and out of control! Surrender your body completely to Jesus and discover the gifts God’s Holy Spirit has for you.