10AM-1/14/18-“God’s Conquering Love” Romans 8:18-39 -CD#1674


We who are saved are more than conquerors in Jesus. Christians go into spiritual battles having already won the victory. Those who are not saved can become victorious winners if they come to Christ. Jesus gives us victory freely; we cannot earn it, but only receive it. You may be fighting pride, covetousness, lust, or depression: Christ will enable you to conquer any iron bondage and give you victory. Are you are battling sin, addictions, or fear of death? Come to Jesus, He will make you more than a conqueror. He already conquered the crushing mass of our sin, and we no longer must fight it every day (Romans 8:18-39)     Jesus makes us more than conquerors. It is true! Will you believe it today? Come to Jesus Christ, & quit every other hope, by thinking only of Christ. If you come to Him the victory He will give you will be deep, holy & everlasting. He makes winners of all who come to Him.

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