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10AM -1/21/2018 “Our Sovereign Father” – Romans 9 – cd#1674


”Is there any unrighteousness with God, our Father? Of course not! He is God, and everything He does is right. We would be foolish to judge God. The very nature of His mercy is that no one deserves it. It is a gift. And God says; ‘I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy’. (Romans 9)

God doesn’t owe mercy to anyone, and He doesn’t have to give it to everyone just because He gives it to someone. Whatever He does is fair because it all comes from His mercy and He is God”. Pastor Chuck Smith

10AM-1/14/18-“God’s Conquering Love” Romans 8:18-39 -CD#1674


We who are saved are more than conquerors in Jesus. Christians go into spiritual battles having already won the victory. Those who are not saved can become victorious winners if they come to Christ. Jesus gives us victory freely; we cannot earn it, but only receive it. You may be fighting pride, covetousness, lust, or depression: Christ will enable you to conquer any iron bondage and give you victory. Are you are battling sin, addictions, or fear of death? Come to Jesus, He will make you more than a conqueror. He already conquered the crushing mass of our sin, and we no longer must fight it every day (Romans 8:18-39)     Jesus makes us more than conquerors. It is true! Will you believe it today? Come to Jesus Christ, & quit every other hope, by thinking only of Christ. If you come to Him the victory He will give you will be deep, holy & everlasting. He makes winners of all who come to Him.

10AM 1/7/18 – “Adopted and Loved by God” – Romans 8 – #1673

Romans 8

God desires to have a relationship with each one of us as our Father. He adopted us, sealed us with His Spirit, and wants us to be so close in our relationship that we call Him “daddy”.    My children always called me “daddy”, and as they got older, they called me “dad”. I would never want a formal relationship with my children. I want them to be close to me and comfortable enough to call me “dad”.                                 Our heavenly Father is the same way. We are now His children, and He wants a close relationship with us. That relationship is revealed as His Spirit communes with our spirit and lets us know that we are His. This is almost too wonderful to comprehend! God has adopted me as His child, and I am now an heir of God! And He wants me to call Him “Dad”.