Dec.17,2017 “Dead to Sin – Alive to Christ” – Romans 6


When you were living without Christ in your life, you were a slave of sin. Sin enslaves us, and all sin is addictive. If it were not addictive, no one would want to indulge. The final results of living in sin are so unsatisfying & destructive that no one would continue in sin if it were not for the addiction. The apostle is pointing out here in Romans 6, that we were all slaves of sin since we gave our bodies over the enemy of our soul. Sin had us trapped & it was killing us.   But Jesus came to set us free from the addiction. He gives us a real choice. As His servants we can now count ourselves Dead to Sin and Alive to Christ Jesus our Lord. The result of slavery to sin is death. The result of slavery to God is eternal life. We can either serve the one who brings death or the One who gives eternal life. And if you’ve really been set free from the clutches of Sin, Self, Satan, and Society you won’t ever go back to it.  “You can serve the devil or you can serve the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody”. Bob Dylan   

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