10 AM Sun.11/12/17 “A Relationship of the Heart”- Romans 2 – cd#1667


Our heavenly Father never cared about outward appearances (Romans 2). The only time outward appearances have any value is when the outward appearance reflects the inward reality; as in water baptism or partaking of the bread and the cup of communion.      True Love of God, and true Spiritual living is a matter of surrendering your body to God, and inviting His Holy Spirit to live in your heart.        Faith in Jesus Christ is not something that is inherited or that you can attain by going through some programs or exercises or other outward motions. It is a personal relationship that must happen in your heart.

Thursday evenings @ 6:30 Herb Upham will begin “Foundations” a series in Genesis by Ken Ham – Come on out – you’ll be glad you did. 

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