Set your clocks back & come out Sun.10AM 11/5/17 “Living By Faith In Christ” Romans 1 – CD#1666


Our heavenly Father seeks our instruction, not our destruction. His contention with us has a kind intention toward us.” (Spurgeon) We think the Lord takes too long in correcting us, but that is because we are short on patience. His compassion endures forever, not His contention. The night may drag painfully and slowly along, but it must eventually give place to a cheerful day. The Lord loves His Bride too well to be always correcting them.                                             If He were to deal with us as we deserve, we should faint outright, and go down hopelessly to the gates of death.             Live By Faith beloved! Jesus will soon end His instructions. Christ will bear you up and bring you through. He who made you knows how frail you are and how little you can bear. He will handle tenderly that which He has created. Do not be afraid because of the correction, for it moves us toward a happy future. He that broke you will heal you; His little anger shall be followed by great grace.

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