10AM Sun.15,2017 “The Fruit of Faith In Jesus” Acts 28 – CD#1663 – We are so very thankful for the power of God’s Spirit that has kept His own through this fire of 2017 – Thank you Brothers & Sisters – and continue to pray in the Spirit .

The End of The Beginning

Paul’s faith in Jesus Christ brought him through many storms, even as a prisoner in Rome (Acts 28).    The result of Paul’s faith was the priceless letters God’s Holy Spirit wrote through Paul to His Bride, the church.   Think what the church would have lost if we didn’t have the letters to the Ephesians, or Philippians, or the Colossians, or that little letter to Philemon.   God brought the Apostle to Rome in chains to bring the Gospel to the lost. God also left Paul in chains so he would have time to write the letters which were not only a blessing to those churches but have been a blessing to Christians for over two thousand years.  We are blessed today because Paul was faithful to God through many Storms. God has called us to be faithful to His Will no matter what storms may hit.

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