10/1/17-Sun.10AM-“Attacking Our Spiritual Enemy”- Acts 26 – CD#1661


In Acts 26 Paul attacks the unbelievers with the Gospel of God’s Love for them. Christians should always be on the offensive (Eph.6:12-19). We have not been equipped to retreat. Paul knew from experience that Jesus and His great Love will deliver anyone from the power of Sin, Satan, Self or The System.                Paul speaks to those in that Roman auditorium about his personal experience with the Living Christ, and God’s loving-kindness to him. And Paul speaks to them of the power of God as seen in the resurrection of Jesus. Paul is not intimidated by the pomp and pageantry of the Kings, Queens and other elites in the crowd. He sees them only as lost sinners in need of a Savior. No matter the appearances, all human beings have the same needs and doubts and fears.

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