10AM 8/20/17 – “God’s Humble Servant” – Acts 20 – CD#1656


Humility is a tremendous characteristic in a person!    Too often a person who has been used of God gets an exalted attitude, and they begin to have a sense of self-importance. Not the Apostle Paul! (Acts 20)        When Jesus uses any person in a mighty way, there is a tendency for other people to exalt that person, supposing he or she is above all the rest, when indeed they are not. But because people treat them that way, they begin to expect it. It’s very sad when a Christian minister starts demanding special treatment or begins to exhibit a feeling of self-importance because others have been treating them in a special way. The Apostle Paul demonstrated that amazing, humble spirit while serving God’s people even with signs and wonders following his service.                                                                  We Are SORRY the Audio didn’t work this week .

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