Sun.10AM – 7/30/17 – “The Way of The Spirit” Acts 18:12-28 cd#1653


This is how we live spiritually—we breathe in the air by prayer, and we breathe it out by praise! This is the holy respiration of a Christian’s life! Prayer and Praise must be mingled in a divinely wise proportion to make sweet incense to God. I hope we can say that we have never finished praying without feeling that we must begin singing, and that we have never finished singing without feeling we must begin praying! What a blessed exchange this makes for the whole of Christian life!  (Acts 18:12-28)  C. H. Spurgeon – 1834 – 1892                                                               Obedience to God’s Word is the clearest evidence that the Lord has forgiven your sin and you are born of the Spirit.  Do not neglect any part of His precepts. At the same time, remember to live in the Spirit in Love, soberly, righteously, honestly, and Godly in this present evil age, for if you do not, if there is not true obedience, it may be that, after all, Jesus Christ has never said to you; ‘Your sins are forgiven’!

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