10am Sun. 7/23/17 “God’s Amazing Grace” – Acts 18 – cd#1652


When Jacob’s hour had come to die he left his children with these words: “God shall be with you” (Gen.48). When our dearest family or friends are called home by death, we console ourselves with God’s Amazing Grace, and with His promise that He will never leave us or forsake us.                                           Christians are in an Amazing relationship as we walk with God. Although we may be down and depressed, God is with us! We have His Grace and Strength, for nothing is too hard for The Lord. Since Jesus is with us, we are always safe, for even death cannot destroy God’s children who walk with Him in Faith. Oh, what a peace and joy we have! Not only is God with us, but He is always with us. – With us as His children – With us as His family – With us as His Bride through all eternity (Acts 18).  Jesus’ very name; Immanuel, means ‘God with us’! It is in the hard times that we experience God’s Amazing Grace. Our lives are blessed, and the truth will win, for the Lord is with those who are with Him.

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