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Sun.10AM – 7/30/17 – “The Way of The Spirit” Acts 18:12-28 cd#1653


This is how we live spiritually—we breathe in the air by prayer, and we breathe it out by praise! This is the holy respiration of a Christian’s life! Prayer and Praise must be mingled in a divinely wise proportion to make sweet incense to God. I hope we can say that we have never finished praying without feeling that we must begin singing, and that we have never finished singing without feeling we must begin praying! What a blessed exchange this makes for the whole of Christian life!  (Acts 18:12-28)  C. H. Spurgeon – 1834 – 1892                                                               Obedience to God’s Word is the clearest evidence that the Lord has forgiven your sin and you are born of the Spirit.  Do not neglect any part of His precepts. At the same time, remember to live in the Spirit in Love, soberly, righteously, honestly, and Godly in this present evil age, for if you do not, if there is not true obedience, it may be that, after all, Jesus Christ has never said to you; ‘Your sins are forgiven’!

10am Sun. 7/23/17 “God’s Amazing Grace” – Acts 18 – cd#1652


When Jacob’s hour had come to die he left his children with these words: “God shall be with you” (Gen.48). When our dearest family or friends are called home by death, we console ourselves with God’s Amazing Grace, and with His promise that He will never leave us or forsake us.                                           Christians are in an Amazing relationship as we walk with God. Although we may be down and depressed, God is with us! We have His Grace and Strength, for nothing is too hard for The Lord. Since Jesus is with us, we are always safe, for even death cannot destroy God’s children who walk with Him in Faith. Oh, what a peace and joy we have! Not only is God with us, but He is always with us. – With us as His children – With us as His family – With us as His Bride through all eternity (Acts 18).  Jesus’ very name; Immanuel, means ‘God with us’! It is in the hard times that we experience God’s Amazing Grace. Our lives are blessed, and the truth will win, for the Lord is with those who are with Him.

10am Sun. 7/16/17 – “Reasoning Through God’s Word” Acts 17 – CD#1651


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is reasonable. It makes sense to commit your life to God who created all things (Acts 17). Paul wrote in Romans 12 that we should “..present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” God has a better plan for your life than anything you can come up with. “Come, let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).    The Gospel is reasonable. I believe to reject the Gospel is unreasonable. I think the only reason some people reject the Gospel is that the Enemy of our soul has deceived them, and they cannot reason.  Paul reasoned with the people in Thessalonica, showing them through the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah.

10am Sun. 7/9/17 – “The Call of God” Acts 16 – CD#1650


THE man who is called of God is bound for heaven, and has not given over his life to the empty pleasures of this world.  All men have their pleasures by which their souls are lifted up; the worldly lifts up his soul in carnal delights, which are mere empty pleasures; but the Christian loves eternal pleasures, and like the Apostle Paul, the Christian is lifted up in the ways of the Lord (Acts 15). “But he who is content with slop, will be found with the swine. Does the world satisfy you? Then you have your reward and portion in this life; enjoy it, for you shall know no other”. (Spurgeon)
The person who is called of God is a humble person of honor. The Christian’s word is his only oath; but that is as good as twenty oaths of the unsaved. Lying will shut anyone out of heaven, for a liar shall not heed God’s call to enter into God’s house, whatever their actions or professions.

Will you heed the Call of God and ascend up to the holy hill and to God’s house?    

Sun.7/2/17 10am “Hearts of Faith” – Acts 15 – cd#1649


Peter says in Acts 15 that it is impossible to keep God’s Law as it was being taught by the Pharisees. Remember that the Pharisees always accused Jesus of violating the Law. Jesus never violated the Law of God, but He violated the traditions of the Pharisees. So Peter stated; “Why do we tempt God by putting a yoke of bondage on the neck of the Gentiles? It’s been too heavy for us”. Paul also wrote concerning the Gentiles & Jews; “Gentiles, who did not seek righteousness, have attained righteousness, even the righteousness of Faith; but Israel, who sought the Law of righteousness, have not attained to the Law. Why? Because they did not seek it by Faith, but by works”! (Romans.9:30-32)     This can be a problem today, because there are many who say Christians must keep the Law to be saved, they will even add other works & rituals to put God’s people in bondage. Rituals do not save. Rules do not save. You are saved when your Heart is filled with Faith in the Living God.